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The emergence of military institution libraries could be said to have started before the civil war in Nigeria. Although, what can be said existed before then in Nigeria was nothing more than reading rooms. The post civil war brought meaningful Library development in military formations and institutions when the information demanded by the officers arose.

Like the Library serving civilian institutions, academic military libraries are recognised as the heart of the educational institution which they serve. The highly sophisticated weapons, electronics and nuclear power in the modern military service call for highly specialised personnel and specialised information resources.

The Academy Library was established towards the end of 1963 to facilitate and enhance effective learning under the Nigerian Army Library Services (NAL). In 1985, when Nigerian Defence Academy was upgraded to a degree awarding institution, the Nigerian Army Library Services (NALS) ceased to control the Library’s web site.

The NDA main Library moved to the permanent site on 16 June, 2009. The Library is one storey building measuring 50 metres by 38 metres by 9 metres. It has a seating capacity of 214 and currently has over 24,510     volumes of books and 413 journals title. There are also 3 Faculty Libraries, 11 Departmental Libraries. The Post-graduate School Library has about 6,447 volumes. Both Main Library and Post-graduate Library subscribes to newspapers and magazines. The staff strength of the Library is as follows:

    Professional Librarians              -    13
    Para-Professional Librarians       -    8
    Non-Professional Library Staff    -    8
    Senior Administrative Staff        -    7
    Junior Administrative Staff        -    4
    Cleaners                                  -    7

Internet resources comprising of thousands of scholarly journals, articles, and e-books can be accessed in the Library.


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Academy... Mother of Many African Warriors

Academy Academy, Academy..The Mother of Many African Warrior

Commandant's Quotes

"NDA must keep pace with dynamics of ICT world."

"CADETS are the focal point."

"TALK IS CHEAP, leaders must walk the talk."

-Major General MT Ibrahim.

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